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7 Most Exciting High-Tech Car Features To Look Out For In 2018

New cars in 2018 offer far more than a way to get from here to there. No longer just an engine and wheels, today’s vehicles are packed with sophisticated technology.

These features are designed to keep people safe, make the drive more comfortable, entertain passengers, integrate with wireless devices, and more. Cars now are even getting closer to driving themselves!

If you want to know about the top tech available in this year’s cars, check out this least of futuristic features.


Auto Show's 4 Amazing Cars to Lease

Four Amazing Cars at the Detroit Auto Show

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Car Leasing Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Car

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Old VW Beetle Was Safe for Consumers

Who Decides the Safest Cars of the Year?

When it comes to cars, safety is a top concern. Figuring out which models offer the most protection, however, isn’t always easy. This is where third parties, like the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) come in. (more…)

Car Lovers Gift Box

4 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Car Lovers

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SUV Driving in The Snow

Winter Driving Tips

Winter has arrived and that means cold weather. Your car’s engine doesn’t like it anymore than you do. So make sure you warm it up before you drive off on a cold winter morning. Here are a few other tips that’ll help you and your vehicle survive winter’s demanding conditions. (more…)

Car Leasing Helps Your Credit

How Leasing a Car Can Help Your Credit Score

With December already here, people are loading up credit cards with their holiday shopping sprees. Some may even purchase a car for themselves or a family member. If you’re one, you’re probably be thinking about Christmas morning and not your credit score. You should keep it in mind, however. A vehicle lease could easily turn into the nightmare after Christmas if you’re not careful. But if you play your cards right, the car could become the gift that keeps giving and boost your credit score. (more…)

Travel With Pets During the Holidays

How to Travel with Your Pets Over the Holidays

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