Are Acura Good Cars? Models and Prices

As the American luxury and performance arm of Honda, Acura was established in 1986 and has become one of the most sought-after automobile manufacturers. However, the question that often arises is: are Acuras good cars?

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Acura, Honda’s luxury and performance division, has carved a distinctive niche in premium vehicles. Owned by the renowned automaker Honda, Acura boasts a lineup of cars and SUVs celebrated for their sporty handling and comprehensive lists of standard features. The Acura SUV roster includes the MDX and RDX, while the car lineup comprises the compact ILX, the midsize TLX, and the full-size RLX sedan. Notably, Acura also flaunts a high-performance supercar, the NSX. Acura has cemented its presence in the premium automotive market by competing against esteemed counterparts like BMW, Lexus, and Infiniti.

Acura swiftly garnered a reputation for producing enjoyable, dependable vehicles that were more economically accessible than their luxury counterparts. This reputation remains a cornerstone of the company’s identity, reflecting its commitment to delivering quality without compromise.

Are Acura Good Cars?Acura 2024 RDX SH-AWD
Acura 2024 RDX SH-AWD

Are Acura Good Cars?

First, it is essential to highlight that Acura is a reputable company. By and large, Acuras are reliable, safe, and offer technological and convenience features. Additionally, Acuras’s pricing and overall cost are commendable.

What Are Acura’s Safety Features?

Safety is paramount in the modern automotive industry, particularly in North America and Europe. Fortunately, Acura has taken great strides to address this concern by equipping all its vehicles with highly effective LED low- and high-beam projector headlamps, available as standard or optional features. 

Acura offers a comprehensive suite of driver-assist technologies, including forward-collision warning, automatic emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, lane-departure warning, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, and adaptive cruise control. Specific models even feature a system that monitors traffic signs and alerts the driver if artificial intelligence detects signs of distracted driving. 

In summary, Acura vehicles are packed with cutting-edge innovations in both active and passive safety systems, ensuring the safety and well-being of all drivers and passengers.

Are Acuras Reliable?

Acura is known for producing luxury cars that surpass other brands regarding reliability and performance. This is partly due to the brand’s ownership by Honda, a renowned manufacturer with a solid reputation for producing dependable vehicles.

Acura vehicles share many components with Honda cars and are often produced to identical or even higher quality standards in the same factories. With proper maintenance, Acura cars can reliably achieve mileage exceeding 200,000 miles (321,868 km). Among all Acura models, the ILX, TLX, and RDX are the most reliable, with an “Excellent” reliability rating. Even discontinued models such as the TSX and TL maintain commendable ratings.

Acura is considered a highly reliable brand, known for crafting enduring vehicles like its parent company, Honda. Although there have been occasional issues with the infotainment system recently, Acura cars and SUVs exhibit remarkable longevity.

What About The Performance?

Early Acuras earned a reputation for delivering exhilarating driving experiences, particularly exemplified by the Integra and NSX of the 1990s. However, contemporary Acuras have found a balance between comfort and excitement.

While present-day Acuras prioritize comfort more than their predecessors, they still offer a fun driving experience that distinguishes them from vehicles offered by Honda, Buick, and even Lexus. Acura’s introduction of the new NSX reinforces the brand’s commitment to maintaining its performance roots.

Acuras offer robust power and handling without sacrificing ride comfort. Acura’s engines and transmissions stand out for their smooth operation, quiet performance, and fuel efficiency in their class.

In conclusion, Acuras perform admirably, with most models surpassing the average in handling, ride comfort, and overall performance. Whether you prioritize safety, reliability, or an exciting driving experience, Acura has carved out a unique place in the automotive industry.

Are Acura Good Cars? Acura 2022 NSX Type S
Acura 2022 NSX Type S

Is Acura a Luxury Car?

Acura’s line of vehicles offers various high-end features that fit the luxury car segment it competes in.

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Acura is a brand that falls under the near-luxury car category. Its models are typically less luxurious and powerful than comparable vehicles from premium brands such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, or Audi.

Acura vehicles, including cars and SUVs, are equipped with numerous technology, comfort, and luxury features appropriate for near-luxury vehicles.

What Are The Different Models of Acura and Their Features? 

Acura offers a range of luxury cars and SUVs known for their performance, technology, and comfort. Here’s a list of the current models with some of their key features:


  • Integra: The sporty entry-level sedan, available in Base, A-Spec, and Type S trims. Features include a turbocharged engine, Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ compatibility, a panoramic moonroof, and AcuraWatch™ safety suite.
  • TLX: The mid-size sedan, offered in Technology, A-Spec, and Type S trims. Boasts a powerful turbocharged engine, available all-wheel drive, a 10.2-inch infotainment system, and the Acura TrueLumina® LED headlights.


  • RDX: The compact SUV, available in Base, A-Spec, and Type S trims. Features a turbocharged engine, standard all-wheel drive, a panoramic moonroof, and the Acura JewelEye® LED headlights.
  • MDX: The three-row luxury SUV, offered in Base, A-Spec, and Type S trims. Equipped with a powerful engine, optional hybrid powertrain, spacious interior, and a 12.3-inch infotainment system.

Additional Features

  • AcuraWatch™: This driver-assistance suite includes adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and collision mitigation braking.
  • AcuraLink®: This connected car system lets you remotely start your car, lock/unlock the doors, and access other features via your smartphone.
  • Acura TrueLumina® LED headlights: These headlights provide superior illumination and a distinctive look.
  • Type S: This high-performance trim level offers enhanced power, handling, and luxury features.

Additional models to consider

  • NSX: The hybrid supercar offers a thrilling driving experience with its twin-turbocharged V6 engine and electric motors.
  • ILX: The compact sedan, is being discontinued this 2024 but still available as a used car.
Are Acura Good Cars? Acura 2024 Integra
Acura 2024 Integra

How Much Does Acura Cost? 

Acuras are known for their affordability in maintenance and repairs, with an average cost of $501 per year for scheduled and unscheduled services. Compared to other luxury and mainstream cars like the Subarus, Acuras are cheaper to own and operate. Acuras are not expensive to purchase, and their overall cost of ownership is low due to their reputation for reliability, lower cost in their class, and shared parts with Honda.

Below is a table that displays the prices of various Acura models for leasing and purchasing.

ModelTrim LevelBase MSRP (Buying)Featured Lease Offer (36 months)Featured Lease Offer (48 months)
Type S$51,800
Type S$57,000
Type S$54,450
Type S$68,450
Acura Cars: Buying vs. Leasing Prices (2024)

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