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  • Chris Sized
    President & CEO

    As CEO of Capital Motor Cars, I take great pride in providing the ultimate automotive concierge experience to our clients, through building long and trusting relationships. Excellence is not an option but an obligation I strive to instill in each and every team member throughout the Capital Motor Cars organization.
    Coming from the corporate environment of Mercedes-Benz and consulting for BMW North America, I’ve mastered the art of the automotive industry. I look forward to implementing ongoing improvements to better the car leasing experience.

  • Henry L
    Henry Liu
    Vice President & CFO
    As VP/CFO of CMC, I extend my 8 plus years of experience in the industry to my team in an effort to provide a streamlined experience to all of our clients.
  • Headshot of Onbashian from Capital Motor Cars
    Mark Onbashian
    Vice President
    With 23 years experience working at Mercedes Benz, I treat everyone like a friend. My number one goal is customer satisfaction.
  • Headshot of Yehuda Cohen from Capital Motor Cars
    Yehuda Cohen
    Chief Operating Officer
    I’m always looking to make our process easy and more efficient. My background in business and marketing allows me to execute a plan to move forward.
  • Markin C.
    Markin Cohen
    General Manager
    I pride myself in making sure that each team member is an extension of myself. I truly believe that awesome relationships with customers lead to excellent service.
  • Vicky Azrak Capital Motor Cars.
    Vicky Azrak
    Seven awesome years into the car industry, I truly enjoy getting my new and existing loyal clients the best car lease deals ever.
  • Headshot of Adriana Giampapa from Capital Motor Cars
    Adriana Giampapa
    Sr. Automotive Consultant

    Being an auto-consultant isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle that I truly enjoy!
    I am here to re-invent your entire car-buying experience!

  • Stephen Jo
    Stephen Jo
    Sr. Automotive Consultant
    I help you car shop like a boss! Period.
  • Joe Zalaf
    Joe Zalaf
    Sr. Automotive Consultant
    With over 10 years of experience at Mercedes Benz, I was rated top salesperson six years in a row. I look forward to bringing that experience to Capital Motor Cars and provide value to our clients.
  • Sarah
    Sarah Radafshar
    Brand Ambassador
    As a top real estate agent in NYC, I know the value in building meaningful client relationships.
  • Mike Z
    Michael Zeitoune
    Finance Manager
    After four years in this business, I have seen all kinds of customers, each with unique needs. I put the pieces in place to make sure their needs are met and satisfactory.
  • Headshot of Jonathan Diaz from Capital Motor Cars
    Jonathan Diaz
    Marketing Coordinator
    With over three years experience in social media management, I love providing our followers with great content and even greater customer service.
  • Head-shot of Stanley Elfont at Capital Motor Cars
    Stanley Elfont
    Logistics Manager
    I aim to provide customers a seamless experience. I’ll find you the car you want, handle the paperwork, and deliver it myself, right to your door.
  • Christine B.
    Christine Bellis
    Administrative Assistant
    I strive to provide the best customer service possible.
  • Carl A.
    Carl Ang
    Automotive Consultant
    I bring 7 years of sales experience and strive to provide exceptional customer service. I aim to leave a lasting impression on all my customers and their referrals.
  • Headshot of Anthony McDonald from Capital Motor Cars
    Anthony McDonald
    I enjoy building relationships with my clients, guiding them every step of the way to help choose the vehicle that fits best & provide excellent customer service from start to finish!
  • Headshot of Henry Sutton from Capital Motor Cars
    Henry Sutton
    Delivery Specialist
    Rain or shine, left hand drive or right, automatic transmission or stick shift, I have driven them all. Your car will arrive to it’s destination no matter what.
  • Joe M.
    Joe Mahamed
    Delivery Specialist
    My passion for driving comes from over 25 years of experience. From semi trailers to limousines, I drove it all.
  • Headshot of James Dai from Capital Motor Cars
    James Dai
    Delivery Specialist
    I love the smell of that new car scent. From pickup to delivery, I come straight to you smelling good.


The Capital Difference

Why spend hours, or even days, at dealerships searching to find the car you want? Aggressive sales people, constant negotiating and hours of wait time… All keeping you from doing the things you love. Your time is just as valuable as your money, so don’t waste it on the frustrating dealership process.

That’s why the Capital Difference makes all the difference. Capital Motor Cars, an automotive brokerage with over 30 years’ experience, is the premier choice for finding your next vehicle at the best price. We offer all makes and models and our professional sales team is eager to help you find the perfect vehicle to fit your lifestyle. We not only save you money, but we also save your precious time.

At Capital Motor Cars, our clients are our top priority. We are committed to offering the best pricing in the industry while providing white-glove customer service. We pride ourselves on operating with respect, integrity and responsibility, while providing a full-service buying experience. You will always speak to a live person to ensure top-quality and personalized care. You aren’t just anyone, so why be treated like one of the masses with an automated phone service?

You don’t need to put your life on hold to find the car of your dreams. Our educated sales team has decades of combined expertise and will work with you to find the perfect vehicle to suit your needs. Our concierge service will even deliver your new vehicle to your home or office, saving you unnecessary aggravation and valuable time. We are always available to assist with any future questions or concerns you may encounter with your vehicle. Contact one of our customer care coordinators and experience the Capital Difference.

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