Nestled in the picturesque town of Springfield, New Jersey, the Baltusrol Golf Club stands as an iconic symbol of golfing excellence and history. Founded in 1895, this prestigious club has hosted numerous championships and continues to be a revered destination for golf enthusiasts worldwide. Let’s explore the rich history, renowned courses, and notable championships associated with the Baltusrol Golf Club. Information can be found here.

A Rich History

Founding and Heritage

Baltusrol Golf Club was established by Louis Keller, a prominent publisher, and his associates with the vision of creating a world-class golfing destination. The club’s name pays homage to Baltus Roll, a local farmer whose land was the site of the club’s first course. See here for information about Discovering the Natural Beauty of the Cora Hartshorn Arboretum and Bird Sanctuary in Springfield, NJ.

Historic Clubhouse

The clubhouse, a stunning Tudor-style mansion, is a centerpiece of Baltusrol’s history. Built in 1909, it exudes old-world charm and serves as a welcoming hub for members and guests. The clubhouse has witnessed countless memorable moments and is a testament to the club’s enduring legacy.

Renowned Golf Courses

Lower Course

The Lower Course at Baltusrol is often regarded as one of A.W. Tillinghast’s finest creations. Known for its challenging layout and pristine conditions, it has hosted several major championships, including seven U.S. Opens and two PGA Championships. Its signature hole, the par-3 4th, is famously known as the “Short Hole.”

Upper Course

The Upper Course offers a distinctive golfing experience with undulating terrain and scenic vistas. While it has not hosted as many major championships as the Lower Course, it is highly regarded among avid golfers for its unique challenges and beauty.

Championship History

U.S. Opens

Baltusrol has cemented its status as a U.S. Open venue, with champions like Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson, and Tiger Woods etching their names into golf history on its hallowed fairways. The club’s commitment to excellence and course maintenance ensures it remains a coveted host for major championships.

PGA Championships

In addition to U.S. Opens, Baltusrol has also hosted multiple PGA Championships, further solidifying its reputation as a premier golfing destination. The battles waged on its courses have created indelible moments in golf lore.


Baltusrol Golf Club, with its rich history, world-renowned courses, and championship legacy, stands as a beacon for golf aficionados. It continues to inspire golfers and spectators alike, exemplifying the enduring allure of this exceptional sport. Whether you’re an avid golfer or a history enthusiast, a visit to Baltusrol is a journey through time and a celebration of the enduring passion for the game.

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