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24 Pathfinder 3
Starting at $545/mo*
36 Month
10000 mi
Capital Deal
2024 CX-50 SELECT 1
Starting at $285/mo*
36 Month
10000 mi
Capital Deal
2024 QX60 2
Starting at $510/mo*
36 Month
10000 mi
Capital Deal
2024 Sonata 1
Starting at $330/mo*
36 Month
10000 mi
Capital Deal
2024 Jetta 2
Starting at $308/mo*
36 Month
10000 mi
Capital Deal
2024 MDX Front
Starting at $525/mo*
48 Month
7500 mi
Capital Deal

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We save you time and money, and provide you with peace of mind. Your car leasing experience doesn’t have to be dreadful, running around Wayne, New Jersey dealerships, haggling with a car salesman, and filling out paperwork. We do all this work at no extra cost to you. As a matter of fact, we’ll save you money by having dealerships compete for your business on a national level.

Lease Your Dream Car: A Walkthrough at Capital Motor Cars

Discover exclusive car deals just for you at Capital Motor Cars in Wayne. We save you time and money with no extra fees. Our team ensures a hassle-free experience when leasing a car, making things easy and convenient for you. Your experience with us will be outstanding and focused on your satisfaction.

Experience personalized support from the initial inquiry to the delivery of your vehicle.

Enjoy hassle-free management of paperwork and lease choices.

Benefit from the commitment of our dedicated team of friendly agents, providing top-notch customer service.

Receive trustworthy guidance, streamlined paperwork, and unwavering support from our dedicated team.

Embark on a smooth and seamless car leasing journey with us.

Count on us for tailored assistance, simplified processes, and a dedicated team to make your experience exceptional.


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Who Are We?

At Capital Motor Cars, our primary objective is to simplify the car leasing process for you. Recognizing the importance of your time and money, we have conducted thorough research to identify the best car lease deals.

Our genuine commitment extends to providing excellent customer service and ensuring the safe delivery of your chosen car to your home.

If you wish to explore the various car models offered by our partner dealerships, simply reach out to one of our knowledgeable team members. This straightforward process not only makes leasing a car easy but also expands your options.

Our team of car experts is consistently dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction at every step of the leasing process. Their unwavering commitment is focused on guaranteeing you have an exceptional experience.

Car Lease Process at Wayne

At Capital Motor Cars, our skilled team handles all the little details of car leasing, allowing you to concentrate on the enjoyable aspects.

We’ll find the exact car you want, negotiate the best lease deals, and work hard to secure approval from the lender.

To make things even simpler, we’ll deliver your new car to wherever you prefer – be it your home or office. Just kick back, relax, and let us manage the challenging parts as we guide you through the process seamlessly.

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BMW Lease Deals in Wayne

Explore the allure of our BMW car lease deals, where luxury, performance, and unforgettable moments combine. Prepare to be amazed by the perfect mix of elegance and power in our BMW lineup, offering a unique driving experience. Step into a world of style and enjoyment with our excellent lease offers.

Mercedes Lease Deals in Wayne

Discover the ideal combination of style and power through our fantastic Mercedes lease deals. These offers unite unmatched elegance with exciting performance, providing an exceptional driving experience. Immerse yourself in top-notch craftsmanship and savor every smooth and thrilling moment on the road.

Audi Lease Deals in Wayne

Explore exclusive Audi lease deals crafted just for you, customized to match your lifestyle and budget. These offers strike the perfect balance between affordability and luxury. Brace yourself for an incredible driving adventure as you discover Audi’s renowned craftsmanship, relishing a delightful blend of comfort and excitement on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Should I Choose to Lease a Car in Wayne, NJ, Instead of Buying?

    Leasing a car in Wayne, NJ, can be a smart choice if you prefer driving a new vehicle every few years without the long-term commitment of ownership. Leasing often requires lower monthly payments compared to buying, providing the flexibility to enjoy the latest models with less financial strain.
  • How Does My Credit Score Affect My Car Leasing Options in Wayne, NJ?

    Your credit score plays a crucial role in car leasing options. A higher credit score typically opens up more favorable leasing terms, such as lower interest rates and more affordable monthly payments. A lower credit score may still allow leasing but might come with higher costs and limited options.
  • What's the Average Cost of Leasing a Car in Wayne, NJ, and What Does It Cover?

    The average cost of leasing a car in Wayne, NJ, varies depending on the make and model. Lease costs usually cover depreciation, interest, taxes, and fees.
  • Are There Specific Requirements or Restrictions for Leasing a Car in Wayne, NJ?

    Yes, there are specific requirements and restrictions for leasing a car in Wayne, NJ. Common requirements include a valid driver's license, proof of insurance, and a stable income. Restrictions may involve mileage limits and potential fees for exceeding them, as well as maintaining the vehicle in good condition.
  • How Can I Discover the Best Deals for Leasing a Car in Wayne, NJ, and Are There Any Special Promotions?

    Finding the best car lease deals in Wayne, NJ, involves researching local dealerships, online platforms, and contacting leasing agencies. Special promotions may be available, including reduced down payments, lower interest rates, or loyalty programs. Regularly checking with dealerships and being open to seasonal promotions can help secure better deals.
  • What Steps Do I Need to Take in the Car Leasing Process in Wayne, NJ, and How Long Does It Typically Take?

    The car leasing process in Wayne, NJ, generally involves selecting a vehicle, negotiating terms, submitting an application, and finalizing paperwork. The duration can vary but often takes a few hours to a day, depending on the complexity of the lease and the efficiency of the leasing process at the dealership.

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