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24 Pathfinder 3
Starting at $545/mo*
36 Month
10000 mi
Capital Deal
2024 CX-50 SELECT 1
Starting at $285/mo*
36 Month
10000 mi
Capital Deal
2024 QX60 2
Starting at $510/mo*
36 Month
10000 mi
Capital Deal
2024 Sonata 1
Starting at $330/mo*
36 Month
10000 mi
Capital Deal
2024 Jetta 2
Starting at $308/mo*
36 Month
10000 mi
Capital Deal
2024 MDX Front
Starting at $525/mo*
48 Month
7500 mi
Capital Deal

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We save you time and money, and provide you with peace of mind. Your car leasing experience doesn’t have to be dreadful, running around Hackensack, New Jersey dealerships, haggling with a car salesman, and filling out paperwork. We do all this work at no extra cost to you. As a matter of fact, we’ll save you money by having dealerships compete for your business on a national level.

Lease Your Dream Car: A Walkthrough at Capital Motor Cars

Find special car deals tailored just for you at Capital Motor Cars in Hackensack. We save you both time and money by eliminating extra fees. Our team guarantees a stress-free experience when leasing a car, making the process simple and convenient for you. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we’re committed to providing you with an outstanding experience.

Get personalized assistance from your first inquiry to your vehicle’s delivery.

Experience stress-free handling of paperwork and lease options.

Enjoy the dedication of our friendly agents, delivering top-quality customer service.

Receive reliable guidance, simplified paperwork, and consistent support from our devoted team.

Start a seamless car leasing journey with us.

Rely on tailored support, streamlined procedures, and a committed team for an outstanding experience.


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Who Are We?

At Capital Motor Cars, our main goal is to make leasing a car simple for you. We understand how valuable your time and money are, so we’ve done thorough research to find the best car lease deals.

We’re committed to providing top-notch customer service and ensuring your chosen car is safely delivered to your home. If you want to check out different car models from our partner dealerships, just talk to one of our knowledgeable team members. This easy process not only makes leasing a car simple but also gives you more options.

Our team of car experts works hard to ensure your satisfaction every step of the way. They’re dedicated to making sure you have a great experience.

Car Lease Process at Hackensack

At Capital Motor Cars, our expert team takes care of all the nitty-gritty details of car leasing, so you can focus on the fun parts. We’ll locate the exact car you desire, negotiate the best lease deals, and strive to get approval from the lender.

To make it even easier, we’ll deliver your new car wherever you want – whether it’s your home or office. Just sit back, relax, and let us handle the tricky stuff as we guide you through the process smoothly.


Test Drive Blog

BMW Lease Deals in Hackensack

Discover the appeal of our BMW car lease deals, where luxury, performance, and unforgettable moments come together. Get ready to experience the ideal blend of elegance and power in our BMW lineup, providing a one-of-a-kind driving experience. Step into a world of style and enjoyment with our fantastic lease offers.

Mercedes Lease Deals in Hackensack

Explore the perfect blend of style and power with our amazing Mercedes lease deals. These offers bring together unmatched elegance with thrilling performance, giving you an outstanding driving experience. Enjoy top-quality craftsmanship and cherish every smooth and exciting moment on the road.

Audi Lease Deals in Hackensack

Check out our special Audi lease deals tailored just for you, designed to fit your lifestyle and budget. These offers balance affordability with luxury perfectly. Get ready for an amazing driving experience as you explore Audi’s famous craftsmanship, enjoying a delightful mix of comfort and excitement on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Does My Credit Score Influence Car Leasing Options in Hackensack, NJ?

    Your credit score significantly impacts your car leasing options. A higher score typically unlocks better leasing terms, such as lower interest rates and more manageable monthly payments. Conversely, a lower score might result in higher costs and limited choices.
  • Why Should I Consider Leasing a Car in Hackensack, NJ, Instead of Buying?

    Leasing a car in Hackensack, NJ, can be advantageous if you prefer driving a new vehicle every few years without the long-term commitment of ownership. Typically, leasing entails lower monthly payments compared to buying, offering the flexibility to enjoy the latest models with less financial strain.
  • Are There Specific Requirements and Restrictions for Leasing a Car in Hackensack, NJ?

    Yes, there are specific requirements and restrictions for leasing a car in Hackensack, NJ. These commonly include holding a valid driver's license, proof of insurance, and a stable income. Restrictions may involve mileage limits and potential fees for exceeding them, as well as maintaining the vehicle in good condition.
  • What's The Typical Cost of Leasing a Car in Hackensack, NJ, And What Does It Cover?

    The average cost of leasing a car in Hackensack, NJ, varies depending on the make and model. Lease costs usually encompass depreciation, interest, taxes, and associated fees.
  • How Can I Find the Best Deals for Leasing a Car in Hackensack, NJ, And Are There Any Special Promotions?

    Discovering the best car lease deals in Hackensack, NJ, involves researching local dealerships, online platforms, and reaching out to leasing agencies. Special promotions may include reduced down payments, lower interest rates, or loyalty programs. Regularly checking with dealerships and being open to seasonal promotions can help secure better deals.
  • What Steps Are Involved in The Car Leasing Process in Hackensack, NJ, And How Long Does It Typically Take?

    The car leasing process in Hackensack, NJ, generally includes selecting a vehicle, negotiating terms, submitting an application, and finalizing paperwork. The duration varies but often takes a few hours to a day, depending on the complexity of the lease and the efficiency of the dealership's leasing process.

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