College Grad Discounts on New Cars for 2019

College Graduate Lease Incentive Programs

The thrill (and let’s be honest, the sweet relief) of finally graduating from college is an amazing feeling. Diploma in-hand, you’re ready to tackle anything life throws your way. You’ve got that first job lined up and you’re ready to embark on your career.

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The only problem: your 2006 Honda Accord is just about on its last legs and even though it’s a Honda, your probably better off looking for a new ride.

No one likes to play the “please start, please start” game every morning as you close your eyes and attempt to fire up the ignition.

But fear not, there’s good news! Automakers want to reward you for all your hard work and dedication you put into getting that diploma in the form of a special rebate that only recent or pending graduates can take advantage of.

This could potentially save you hundreds or in some cases even $1,000 dollars on your new lease or finance, for those automakers that are looking to be extra generous.

Who Qualifies for College Graduate Incentives?

However, just because you’re about to graduate or that diploma is still hot off the press, it doesn’t automatically qualify you for college graduate incentives.

This deal requires customers to provide proof that they’re eligible by meeting the company’s educational and financial requirements. Typically, you’ll have to show:

  • Proof of graduation within the last two years or the next six months
  • No adverse credit history
  • Proof of employment


Some automakers have less or more stingy financial requirements, depending on the brand and MSRP of the vehicle. Typically, non-luxury brands will be a little more lenient and easier to qualify for, since in most cases these cars will be less expensive.

Sounds Good, What’s the Catch?

We’re serious there’s no catch! However, there are certain requirements that the automaker sets that you must follow in order to get this rebate. Even though you may qualify for a college grad lease rebate, you must lease or finance the vehicle using the automakers preferred financial institution if you want to qualify for this special incentive – no shopping around for other banks that might have different rates.

It’s also important to see when automakers are offering college graduate programs. Some only have a small window during the Spring, when most students will be graduating, while others extend their offer year-round.

Something else to pay attention to is what vehicles are eligible for this incentive. Some automakers extend the deal to all new models, while others limit the incentive to specific models. This is typically used to entice students to purchase vehicles that the brand wants to push sales-wise.

It’s a win-win situation for students that had their eyes on a specific eligible model, but could turn away others that could get a better deal elsewhere on a vehicle they actually want.

Below, you’ll find a list of all of the automakers that offer college graduate incentives, along with the rebate amount, expiration date and qualifications. Click on the “More Info” link on the far right to learn more about each manufacturer’s program.

2019 List of College Graduate Incentives

Manufacturer Discount Eligibility ExpirationProgram Website
Acura College Graduate Program $500Grads3/31/2019More Info
BMW College Graduate Program $1,000GradsGrad within 24 months or next 6 monthsMore Info
Ford College Student Purchase Program $500Grads1/2/2020More Info
GM College Discount Discount by ModelGrads6/30/2019More Info
Honda Graduate Program $500Grads3/31/2019More Info
Hyundai College Grad Program $400Grads1/2/2020More Info
Lexus College Graduate Program $750Grads4/30/2019More Info
MINI College Grad Program $500GradsGrad within 24 months or next 4 monthsMore Info
Nissan College Grad Program $1,000GradsGrad within 24 months or next 6 monthsMore Info
Toyota College Grad Rebate $500Grads7/8/2019More Info
VW College Graduate Program $500Grads1/2/2020More Info

If you have any questions about college graduate rebates or want to check to see what other lease incentives you may qualify for, contact the automotive experts here at Capital Motor Cars.

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