What to Look Out For At the 2018 NY Auto Show

The New York International Auto Show opened this weekend at the Javits Center. It’s one of the biggest auto events in the country, and a must-see for car enthusiasts.

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I was at the show on Saturday, and here’s what caught my eye. There was a lot to see there – some exciting, some innovative, some just plain fun – but these are just a few highlights to give you an idea of what to look out for.

The show’s in town until April 8th, so go check it out for yourself!

Genesis Essentia Concept Car

All I really have to say about the Genesis Essentia is: We’re living in the future.

The all-electric coupe, with its bubble roof, butterfly doors and tech that’s smarter than the computer on the original Enterprise, is exactly what I imagined as a kid we would all be driving by now.

This gorgeous two-seater is crafted from a lightweight carbon fiber skin. It activates with a fingerprint/facial recognition scanner, and promises to support two-way conversations with its voice recognition software.

The interior is futuristic-chic with a series of screens for a dashboard.

The Essentia is just a concept car, so no promises that you’ll be able to cruise down the FDR under its transparent hood anytime soon, but I’ll keep dreaming.

2019 Mercedes Benz G-Class

Almost untouched since its debut in 1979, the iconic G-Wagen finally got a significant redesign this year.

The 2019 model keeps many classic touches, including its tall, boxy shape that makes it look like it just rolled off a World War II film set.

However, the lines have been softened somewhat, and the interior is much more comfortable.

Its fuel efficiency has been improved, as well as its approach and breakover angles. It has about a quarter inch more ground clearance and four inches more fording ability. Maybe it’s still not the most practical choice for your morning commute, Mercedes says its both more powerful than ever and handles better on pavement.

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Cadillac XT4

This entirely new model shows Cadillac moving boldly into the luxury compact crossover class.

The XT4 really is compact: 8 inches shorter than the XT5, but it doesn’t give a small impression. It’s got 40 inches of legroom in the rear seat, and the horizontal dashboard span gives it a spacious feel up front.

The XT4 looks to be a neat and athletic little SUV, with 237 horsepower and 238lb-ft of torque. It should be a big hit when it comes out this fall.

Chevrolet Camaro Hot Wheels


It’s a life-size version of a tiny version of a dream sports car!

For the 50th anniversary of the first Hot Wheels, Chevrolet has brought the beloved toy car to life with its sixth-generation Camaro.

Available on Coupe and Convertible 2LT and 2SS models, the Hot Wheels Edition package includes the iconic fiery-orange exterior, Satin Graphic stripes and ground effects, 50th Anniversary Hot Wheels badges, and other fun accents.

It’s fun to look at and also, as a Camaro, it should be a blast to drive.

2019 Mini Cooper: The Anglophile’s Dream Car


The new Mini Cooper has no major redesigns, but it has become more British.

The 2019 model will feature Union Jack taillights and an option of a flag graphic on the dashboard too.

I’m just hoping the 2020 Mini Cooper will also brew you a nice cup of tea and explain the rules of cricket while you drive!

Colors of the BMW M Series


BMW showed up with some of the most striking paint jobs at the auto show this year.

Flat pine green, ruby red, sharp cheddar, soft buttery yellow and other shades gave the M Series a truly unique look.

Camp Jeep Adventure

If you live in NYC, it’s probably been a while since you got to go on a real off-road adventure.

Always a must-see attraction at the Auto Show, you can enjoy demonstrations and four-wheel-drive ride-along’s in some of Jeep’s most legendary models, including the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. It’s not as much fun as trekking up and down a real mountain, but maybe the next best thing.

Wrapping it up…

This year’s Auto Show is an exciting demonstration of the future possibilities in the auto industry. I was struck by the freshness and innovation that was on display, both in design and engineering. I definitely recommend going through the exhibition to see what’s on deck for this year, and keep an eye open for these exciting cars to hit the roads throughout 2018.


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