What Does the History of Gloves Mean for You

What Does the History of Gloves Mean for You?

When we say we’ll give you the white-glove treatment at Capital Motor Cars, what exactly do we mean? To help explain, here’s a brief history on gloves.

Gloves have been used as a status symbol since ancient history. Both pharaohs and popes wore them, and, in the case of the Egyptian rulers, were buried with them. These accessories proved to be incredibly popular with royalty, clergymen, and nobles, to the point where by the late middle ages, people from all levels of life wanted a pair. For example, William Shakespeare’s father was able to support his family by working as a glover. Although trends came and went—such as what animal skin should be used, how they should be worn—the acclaim surrounding gloves never faltered.

Depending on the context, they symbolized many things. Royalty and high-ranking officials often sent them as tokens of friendliness in order to patch up ties or friendships due to the distinction that came with gloves. They could also be given as a symbol of safety and fidelity during a large transaction.

Although nowadays people wear gloves more often to garden than to dress up, a white glove is still associated with status. It’s not uncommon to see butlers in popular media wearing white gloves along with an elegant suit, and Jackie Kennedy made white gloves her trademark.

So, what does this mean for you when you come to Capital Motor Cars? It means that with our white-glove treatment you can relax as we treat you like royalty. Our auto brokers will always get you some of the best prices on these transactions and even deliver the car right to you. And, much like the popularity of gloves, we’ll make sure to get you a car that’ll last. Contact us today or check out our hot current specials.

What Does the History of Gloves Mean for You?
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