The First-Ever BMW X7 is Finally Here. Does it Live Up to the Hype?

The Ultimate Driving Machine, For Seven. Finally.

For years, BMW has teased a luxury third-row SUV, a model that was sorely lacking from their stellar lineup of luxury-performance vehicles. The closest BMW has come to a seven-passenger vehicle is the smaller X5, which can be optioned out with a third-row, albeit not exactly an adult-friendly one. That’s why when the German automaker finally announced that the X7 would be arriving in early 2019 and available for pre-order in late 2018, car enthusiasts and automakers around the world took notice. How would BMW make their mark on the full-sized SUV market?

Fast forward to March of 2019, and we now have that answer. Here’s our full review of the first-ever, BMW X7.

X7 for lease

A Bigger, Beefier, Bimmer

Make no mistake about it, the X7 is most definitely a true seven-passenger SUV. Measuring in at 203’’ in length, the X7 is longer than main competitors the Audi Q7 and Mercedes Benz GLS, providing ample room for everyone inside. Cargo room comes in at 60’’, 58.1’’ and 47.9’’ for the first, second and third rows respectively, making for an extremely roomy ride no matter where you’re sitting. In fact, BMW made a point to make sure that passengers seated in the third-row were more than comfortable, adding in a bunch of goodies, including a separate moonroof. That perk alone may trigger a couple of family fights for dibs on the back seat. Consider that a first.

However, with all of the seats up and in place, don’t expect to pack in much of anything else, as the remaining trunk space can only hold about two regular sized pieces of luggage. Fold the back seats down though, and you’re ready to move that friend of yours for the third time this year. Don’t worry, pizza was promised. 

Overall, the X7 design-wise delivers as an elegant and sophisticated SUV. Despite its rather large dimensions, the X7 manages to maintain the sleekness of other BMWs, giving it that distinctive look that people have come to expect from the luxury automaker.

Sitting on standard 21-inch wheels, with the option to upgrade to 22’s, the X7 also has the option of being lowered or heightened thanks to the nifty adjustable air suspension. The X7 also boasts the largest kidney grilles ever on a BMW and measures a full five inches longer than the next largest BMW, the X5.

Now whether or not the extra large kidneys are an attractive look for the X7 is up for debate. Some really like the front design of the X7 and others, well not so much. Personally, I would have preferred a slightly smaller grille to better complement the X7’s wide and narrow LED headlights, but you be the judge.

2019 BMW X7 design

Under the Hood  

Just because the X7 is big, doesn’t mean it has to be slow. It’s a BMW after all. The X7 comes in two trims: the 40i and 50i, and both come fully equipped with the BMW’s X-drive all-wheel-drive system. The 40i comes equipped with a 3.0-liter TwinPower Turbo inline 6-cylinder engine, which makes 335 hp; good for a 0-60 time of 5.8 seconds. Pretty spritely considering all that extra weight.

Opt for the 50i and things get significantly quicker. The more powerful 4.4-liter TwinPower Turbo V-8 engine puts out 456 hp and shaves a couple of milliseconds off that 0-60 time, clocking in at a scintillating 5.2 seconds. Now we’re really moving. 

BMW X7 third row seats

Luxury Without Limits

If the X7’s interior layout feels familiar, that’s because it should, considering it shares the same platform with the X5. The X7 takes it’s luxury elements up a notch, with a completely customizable and stunning 12.3-inch center infotainment display. Upholstery options are aplenty, but we would opt for the soft and supple premium leather that graced the X7 50xi that we tested. Seats are extremely comfortable and all rows and seats are power adjusted, adding to the premium luxury appearance the X7 has. 

Second-row passengers are greeted with an optional tablet-like touchscreen on the back of the first-row headrests that mimic the same functions on the center console display and can be used to control some of the vehicle’s functions like music. Climate control is also extremely customizable, as the X7 boasts not three or four, but five individual climate zones and yes, that includes the back row as well.

The crown jewel (no pun intended) of the X7’s interior is the optional elegant diamond shifter that graces the gearbox, once again adding to the overall luxury appearance of the SUV. 

BMW X7 Interior

Tech Talk

As we mentioned before, the X7’s 12.3-inch center display is where you’ll find most of the tech associated with the vehicle. Navigation and Apple CarPlay come standard, however, you’ll have to pony up the $80 yearly fee after the first 12 months in order to keep CarPlay activated.

Additionally, the X7 boasts an Amazon Alexa-esque voice assistant that activates with the phrase “Hey BMW.” You can ask for directions, points of interests, song selections and more, but we found that the voice assistant didn’t always know how to respond to our requests.

The X7 also comes standard with wireless charging, a 10-speaker sound system, and a WiFi Hotspot for added connectivity. The X7 also implements motion control for the sound system, as you are able to adjust volume and change songs using gestures, but utilizing this feature wasn’t always a walk in the park for us.

Still, we definitely appreciate all of the tech that was implemented in the X7’s interface, which easily makes it one of the most tech-friendly SUVs on the road when fully specced out.

2019 BMW Panoramic Sunroof

Paying for a Premium

Starting out at a cool $74,895 for the 40i, the X7 definitely comes at a premium. Opt for the 50i, and you’ll see the price jump to an astounding $93,595. Keep in mind, that these are without any additional options and extra packages that you might be itching to add. 


All in all, I think BMW has firmly made its mark on the luxury, full-sized SUV field. The X7 is an elegant and luxurious vehicle, yet powerful enough to still possess the heart and soul of a BMW. Sales of the X7 have just begun to roll out in March, so now’s the perfect time to get in on the action and be one of the first to drive the largest BMW ever built.

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