Trade In’s and Payoffs: Find the Financially Smart Way to End a Lease Early

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Signing onto a car lease is a big commitment, but it’s not quite carved in stone. For those looking to trade in their lease car for a different vehicle or take the buyout option before the end of the lease, it’s important to understand a few key financial concepts, namely trade-in value and payoff amount. […]

One-Pay Leasing: Pro’s and Con’s of An Unconventional Strategy

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When you hear the words “lease a car,” your mind probably goes straight to a long-term arrangement consisting of a downpayment, monthly payments, interest and other fees. This is usually the basic structure of a lease contract, but it’s not the only one. One off-the-beaten-track option to get a lease car is the one-pay lease. […]

What Does A “Zero-Down Lease” Really Mean?

When you’re looking for the best deal on a car lease, nothing can get your attention as fast as… well, nothing. If you’ve spent any time whatsoever shopping for a car, you’ve probably stumbled across lease deals advertised as zero money down, zero down payment or just plain zero down. It definitely sounds too good […]