Best Zero-Down Lease Deals of June 2018

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Its officially summer, and you know what that means! three months jam packed with family activities, or maybe a road trip to check states off your bucket list. Or maybe its time you finish the list of yard work chores your wife made for you two summers ago. Better yet, even a romantic get away!

Luckily for you, we have a vehicle for everyone this summer, all at some amazing prices!

2018 Ram 1500 Express

A truck is the epitome of hard work, and this powerful bad-boy won’t burn a hole in your pocket either. Designed to deliver on every job, the 2018 Ram 1500 Express Quad Cab is a sure bet to keep you safe and secure no matter the task at hand.

Every Ram 1500 is equipped with some of the most advanced safety and security features on the market, making it a smart option for those looking for a bevy of standard features.

Most importantly though, it’s a workhorse. The V6 Pentastar engine produces 305 HP capable of towing up to 1045 lbs, meaning no need to call for backup for those heavy-duty jobs.

Don’t sleep on the Ram’s everyday use either. It’s by far at the top of the list when it comes to ride quality, cabin noise and build – something you may not expect in a pickup truck.

So whether it’s to fill the 6’4” bed with material for your summer project, or you are using it to haul your family camper, everyone needs the Ram 1500 to get the most out of their summer.

Why we Love it: Easily the most comfortable full-sized pickup on the market. 3.6L V6 engine can hold it’s own and then some.
June 2018 Lease Deal: $170 per month for 39 months with 10K miles per year.

Jeep Grand Cherokee lease deals

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo

It might be time to let go of that old minivan. The kids are older and you’re just about ready to start rolling up to the beach or barbecue in style.

There’s no better mid-size SUV to do that in than the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The 2018 Grand Cherokee features the classic and iconic Jeep grille, impressive styling and is off-road capable, staying true to it’s historic Jeep roots.

Well-equipped with a standard 3.6 L V6 engine, the Grand Cherokee possess the power to safely and securely merge in and out of traffic, so there’s no worry in sacrificing performance for practicality.

We also love Jeep’s infotainment system (one of the best on the market) with a 7” touchscreen that fully supports Bluetooth audio streaming, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Couple that with easy to use controls and you have yourself a solid entertainment system for those long road trips.

Why we Love it: Built with a solid interior housing one of the best infotainment systems in any 2018 vehicle, the Grand Cherokee Laredo is one of the best selling SUVs in the Northeast for a reason.
June 2018 Lease Deal: $216 for 39 months with 10K miles per year.

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2018 Ford Focus S

College just let out and everyone is packing for summer vacation. The dorms are all empty, but you’re stuck with two summer classes. Worried about making multiple trips to the pump during your commute to and from campus? No worries, pack up your stuff and head home – with the 2018 Ford Focus S, your wallet is safe!

With a fuel-sipping miles per gallon rating of 30/city and 40/highway, you’ll spend more time on the road and less time filling up your tank.

The Focus S sedan also features fun-to-drive handling, a quiet and comfortable cabin and an distinctive front grille found on both the Fusion and Fiesta as well – one of the most striking attributes of the car.

Ford is also making it easier to manage your vehicle on the go using your mobile device.  With the FordPass App you can find parking and even reserve and pay ahead of time.
You also have the ability to compare fuel prices at stations along your route, so you can spend less on gas and more on tacos. Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t want more tacos?

Stuck commuting from home to school during the summer doesn’t have to be all that bad. The Ford Focus will make the daily drive smooth, affordable and most of all, fun!

Why we Love it: Fun to drive handling, with great gas mileage to boot.
June 2018 Lease Deal: $209 a month for 39 months with 10.5K miles per year.

2018 Dodge Durango SXT

Ready for every Summer scenario, the 2018 Dodge Durango SXT can handle it all.

The Durango is built with luxurious comforts for the driver and passengers, with a third row to fit the whole family, and then some!

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto make it easy to integrate your mobile device into the Durango’s interface, allowing the car to respond to texts and load up your favorite apps.

Built like a two-ton bodyguard, the Durango is designed to keep you feeling safe and secure behind the wheel. With responsive handling and a robust V6 engine, the Durango boasts plenty of giddy-up to get you in and out of traffic as well.

In addition, there are options galore for the whole family, such as an available dual-screen blue ray entertainment system to occupy the kids on a trip to the waterpark or the beach.

So what are you waiting for? Load in the family and get started on an unforgettable Summer 18’.

Why we Love it: Three words – Spacious. Quiet. Comfortable. The ultimate alternative to the family minivan.
June 2018 Lease Deal: $294 for 36 months with 10K miles per year.

2018 BMW 320xi

At last, the kids are away with their friends and its time to take that romantic get away you’ve been waiting for.

Its time for you to drive with around in style, with BMWs flagship vehicle, the 3 Series.

Transform your drive with the unforgettable 2018 BMW 320xi, the complete package of performance and luxury, all at an extremely affordable price.

As far as luxury sedans go, this all-wheel drive 3 Series boasts an attractive, precise and upscale look that will turn heads no matter where you go. Its got a chiseled and sophisticated design, with sharp creases in the new LED headlight, making this BMW even more striking.

This luxury sedan is a unique as you are, with customization options ranging from the exterior highlights to the finishing on the interior.

So, hook up your phone, play your favorite song, and turn heads while you treat yourselves to a getaway.

Why we love it: The 2018 BMW 320xi is BMW’s most popular model for a reason. It’s got everything you need and more all in a stunning design.
June 2018 Lease Deal: $312 per month for 36 months with 10K miles per year.

Act now to take advantage of these deals while you can!

Car prices are constantly changing, so these deals will only be valid until the end of June. It’s finally time to make the most out of your Summer in that brand new car or truck you’ve had your eye on.

Call us today to speak to one of our professional automotive consultants who will walk you through every phase of the leasing process.


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