8 Hottest No Money Down December Lease Deals: #8 is a Shocker

Ah, two thousand and eighteen, we hardly knew ya. As the last few weeks of the year wind down and the holidays in full swing, there’s still ample time to score a great deal on a new car. In fact, Kelley Blue Book lists the holiday season and the end of the year as the best time to score a great deal on a new car or truck, due to the deep discounts dealerships and auto manufacturers will offer in order to meet end of the year sales goals. You can also get especially steep discounts on 2018 models (if you can find them) due to the dealership trying to clear room for the newer 2019 models. With that being said, we’ve compiled our picks for the top eight deals going on right now, that will be sure to save you money and ring in the New Year in style.

1. Best Non-Luxury Performance SUV Deal: 2018 Dodge Durango SXT

As far as third-row SUVs with attitude go, the 2018 Dodge Durango SXT might take the cake. With an aggressive front grille, muscular yet sleek styling and a standard 3.6L Penastar V6 engine, the Durango makes for a capable family hauler, that doesn’t sacrifice performance for practicality.

The base SXT comes equipped with 18-inch carbon aluminum wheels, ParkView rearview camera system and comes integrated with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. The 7’’ Uconnect infotainment system is one of the easiest and intuitive on the market, making for a hassle-free experience when pairing phones and using all of its control features.

Inside the cabin, you’ll find similar design elements from the Jeep Grand Cherokee as well as comparable build quality. Ride quality is smooth, passenger and cargo room is spacious and the third row is actually, well, a third row for adult humans! Where the Durango comes up a bit short is on gas mileage, averaging an EPA estimated 19/26 city and highway. Options can get pricey as well if you’re looking to go up in trim, but for most folks, the SXT model will come with enough bells and whistles to satisfy the average buyer. Overall, if you need a third-row vehicle that packs a punch, the 2018 Dodge Durango SXT should be on your short-list of potential vehicles.

December 2018 Lease Deal: 2018 Dodge Durango SXT – $409/month | $0 Down | ($409 at signing) Get This Offer –>

2. Best 2019 Value Luxury Sedan Deal: 2019 Infiniti Q50 3.0 LUXE

Looking for a luxury sports sedan without paying luxury sports sedan prices?

The 2019 Infiniti Q50 3.0 PURE is a consistent pick of ours for best bang-for-your-buck luxury sedan, due to its low price tag this month and bevy of standard features that you come to expect from Infiniti. Throw in a 3.0L V6 twin turbo engine that outputs a robust 400 HP, and you’ve got yourself quite the luxury sports car for not as much as it’s components would suggest.

Largely unchanged from the previous year, the 2019 Q50 boasts a comfortable a roomy cabin, nimble handling, and striking body design. Simply put, this car just looks good and performs quite possibly even better. Definitely geared toward the enthusiast with it’s V6 turbocharged engine, the Q50 falters a bit on gas mileage, providing only a combined 22 MPG city/highway.

The touchscreen infotainment system also is a slight headache to operate but can be dealt with once you get used to the finicky controls. All-in-all, it’s tough to find a better luxury sedan for the price, making the 2019 Infiniti Q50 3.0 LUXE our top pick for the best value luxury sedan this month.

December 2018 Lease Deal: 2019 Infiniti Q50 3.0 LUXE – $389/month | $0 Down | ($389 at signing) Get This Offer –>

3. Best Value Compact Sedan Deal: 2019 Kia Forte LXS

Leasing a vehicle with a lower price tag doesn’t always make sense. There’s either not enough incentives to drop the monthly price of the car or the lease programs lean on the expensive side to encourage consumers to purchase the vehicle outright. But when there’s an exception to this rule, you can score quite the deal.

That’s the case with our pick for the best value sedan of the month, the newly redesigned 2019 KIA Forte LXS. One thing for sure about the Forte is that this is definitely not your father’s KIA.

The Forte actually comes standard with quite a few desirable features such as Apple CarPlay/Android Auto and lane departure warning, looks extremely modern and comes in at bottom dollar pricing. Now this car isn’t what you would call, “fast,” but it more than makes up for its lack of agility with phenomenal fuel efficiency, racking up an impressive 41 MPG highway and 35 MPG combined. Inside the Forte you’ll find decent build materials a pleasant 8 inch center console screen and roomy confines, with comfortable seating for five.

Ride quality could be better, as suspension and handling both perform a little stiffer than what we would have liked. However, the Forte is surprisingly quiet on the road, making it an ideal commuter car or daily driver to get you around town. Compared with the similarly priced and spec’d Nissan Sentra SV, we’d hands down choose the fresher Forte and it’s honestly not even that close. The Kia Forte is near the top of our list when it comes to value compact sedans, and can be picked up at a great price this holiday season.

December 2018 Lease Deal: 2019 Kia Forte LXS – $230/month | $0 Down | ($230 at signing) Get This Offer –>

4. Best Luxury Crossover Deal: 2019 Lexus NX 300

After the NX saw major changes to the 2018 model, Lexus decided to run back that same model for 2019, going with the old “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” adage. Despite a lack of changes, the 2019 Lexus NX 300 is still a top performer in the luxury crossover category with standard tech features like lane departure warning, brake assist, and adaptive cruise control. The NX also features a large, stylish front grille, and strong exterior design lines, making the NX stand out in a sea of endless crossover models. Its 2.0L engine produces a 0-60 time of 7.0s, an agile time for a crossover.

While it faces stiff competition from the more luxurious and sportier BMW X3 and Mercedes Benz GLC, the NX wins out when it comes down to the price tag – which will be a huge deciding factor for consumers on the luxury SUV category bubble. Due to the massive difference in price between the NX and its competition, we’re selecting it as the best luxury crossover deal for the month of December.

December 2018 Lease Deal: 2019 Lexus NX 300 – $405/month | $0 Down | ($405 at signing) Get This Offer –>

5. Best Luxury SUV Deal: 2019 Infiniti QX60 PURE

Yep, that’s another Infiniti that made our list! The 2019 Infiniti QX60 is a favorite of ours here at Capital Motor Cars, due to it’s low price tag, fantastic styling, and super comfortable cabin. A lean and trim full-sized SUV, the QX60 comes standard with a 3.6L V6 engine, supplying the third-row SUV with punchy agility and power to boot.

The QX60 has a ton of room for the entire family as well, acting as a true seven-passenger vehicle for adults and children alike. The QX60 is also one of the only luxury SUVs that offer standard front heated seats, again providing tremendous value for the price during those cold Winter months.

Once again fuel economy provides a small blemish on the QX60’s resume, only providing a paltry 19/26 MPG. Despite the subpar fuel mileage, the 2019 QX60 is still an extremely solid luxury SUV that comes at a tremendous value this holiday season.

December 2018 Lease Deal: 2019 Infiniti QX60 – $430/month | $0 Down | ($430 at signing) Get This Offer –>

6. Best Family SUV Deal: 2019 Honda Pilot LX

Reliable. Safe. Solid. The 2019 Honda Pilot embodies all of the traits that Honda’s are known for and especially shine for the newest version of the pilot. We named the 2019 Pilot as the best deal in December for a family SUV, due to the no-frills, spacious confines of Honda’s full-sized SUV.

That’s not to say that the Pilot is a boring car by any means. It still pumps out a hearty 280 hp from it’s smooth V6 i-Vtec engine. It still comes with must-have features like LED headlights and available All Wheel Drive. And most importantly, it comes standard with the Honda Sensing safety suite, which comes with a plethora of intuitive features that Honda has made standard on most of their 2019 models.

Another overlooked reason the Honda Pilot is a great lease deal this monthresidual value. Honda’s typically hold their value over the term of their lease better than most brands, meaning that in the event you would like to buy out the car at the end of your lease, it would actually be a smart investment. For those reasons, we’re listing the 2019 Honda Pilot as our favorite family SUV for the month of December.

December 2018 Lease Deal: 2019 Honda Pilot LX – $428/month | $0 Down | ($428 at signing) Get This Offer –>

7. Best 2018 Luxury Sedan Deal: 2018 Lexus IS 300

Entering 2018 as Lexus’ entry-level sedan, the IS 300 has many features that are synonymous with today’s current Lexus lineup. Build quality in the interior is solid, elements of luxury are abundant, and the sleek exterior makes the IS a good looking car overall.

The IS 300 is powered by a 260-hp V6 engine, giving the five-passenger ride some nice giddyup when merging onto busy highways. The IS drives silky-smooth, road noise is hardly noticeable, making for an enjoyable ride. Where the IS might not be for everyone comes down to two things: fuel economy and a smaller than usual cabin.

Larger adults might feel a bit cramped in the IS 300 – especially in the backseat, but kids and average height adults will fare well. The fuel economy in the IS 300 is underwhelming as well, averaging only 20 mpg overall, lagging behind other vehicles in its class. However, the IS 300 makes for a fantastic introduction into the luxury sedan world, due to its affordable price, many luxurious comforts and attractive styling. It’s our pick for the best 2018 luxury sedan this December.

December 2018 Lease Deal: 2018 Lexus IS 300 – $421/month | $0 Down | ($421 at signing) Get This Offer –>

8. Best Subcompact SUV: 2019 Buick Encore

And finally, the deal on a car no one saw coming….

The crowded subcompact SUV market has too many entries to count, with many of these rides now the focus of auto manufacturers across the board. So when we see a great deal on a critically acclaimed one, we’re quick to highlight it – and it’s not from a brand you would expect.

Buick (yes, Buick) rolled out a nice little subcompact SUV in the 2019 Encore, a 1.4 L, turbocharged four-cylinder, nimble city . While acceleration is what you would expect from the tiny four-cylinder engine, it’s got just enough speed to get you in and out of intersections safely.

The Encore handles well, has a quiet, comfortable ride and provides plenty of cargo room for that monthly trip to Costco. Gas mileage is slightly below average at 23 MPG, but the Encore makes up for it with its stellar reliability. Get to know this fantastic offering from Buick and score a great deal this month, making the Encore our choice for the best subcompact SUV deal you can find in the month of December.

December 2018 Lease Deal: 2019 Buick Encore – $310/month | $0 Down | ($310 at signing) Get This Offer –>

It’s no coincidence that “the most wonderful time of the year” is also the best time of the year to shop for a car. No matter if you’ve been naughty or nice this year, take advantage of our Exclusive December Deals and the deep discounts auto manufacturers are giving out this month on top of that. Our automotive leasing experts will walk you through the entire leasing process, find the exact car you want for the best price and then deliver it straight to your door faster than Santa’s reindeer.

Happy Holidays from the entire CMC Family!

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